After each cosplay event, one of the things that inevitably happens is a search for hashtags and keywords related to cosplay created and worn. The result of this is a dizzying assemblage of sent links, album tags, and forwarded photos.

To make this process of finding cosplay photos easier–especially as they relate to cosplay you’ve worn–Cosplay Photo Links was born.

Anyone is able to submit links that direct to publicly accessible albums and pages. Simply go to the submit page and fill out the details. Your submission will be approved as soon as possible.

On the home page, events are shown based on the the latest links submitted and approved. On specific event pages, the title of the album/site is shown in addition to the characters to be found via the link. Character-specific pages show the event the link is from to make searching for your cosplay simpler.

Hopefully this helps make things little bit easier.

Happy cosplaying!